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The 3DVista Panorama Tripodhead is the best solution for taking panoramic images with pretty much any lens:
Fisheye, wide angle or standard lens

It is build of black coated aluminium and weights only 0,7 kg.
All actual digital cameras and it´s wideangle and fisheye lenses fit to the 3DVista Panorama Tripodhead.

When using combined with our fisheye lens, it lets you take a total 360º panorama with only 5 pictures:




- Very stable construction, zero vertical flex, can take 3Kg load
- Scales on all axis for fast alignment
Carrying bag optional available
Hot-shoe spirit level to align camera horizontaly optional available
- 22,5° + 30° + 36° detent discs included ( other detent discs available -here-)
- + - 30mm T-Adapter for off center tripod hole cameras optional available
- fits also for XXL cameras like "Canon 1ds MIII" or "Nikon D3"
- 2 year warranty, "Made in Germany"

The 3DVista Panorama Tripodhead consists of an X- and Y-axis adjustable bracket to fix the camera in portrait-orientation on a NPP "no-parallax-point" and a rotating head with "Click-Stop"-System. The NPP is the optical axis you need to turn around the camera to get a seamless panoramic image.




The "Click-Stop"-System uses a spring plunger which stops in adjustable intervals. 10, 12 and 16 stops detent discs are included.

With this strong 100% indexing your panoramic images are made easy and fast!
In this table you can see all "Click-Stop" figures.

With the vertical arm you don´t need fisheye lenses anymore to make fantastic "cubic 360x180" panoramas.

You can fix all cameras with a maximum distance of the tripod socket --> NPP: 150mm



The 3DVista Panohead fits to all actual Tripods with 3/8" or 1/4" threads. 



Version: V.1.0
Price: 159€
Shipping: 30€ EU and USA/Canada