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3DVista Stitcher is the most comprehensive stitcher on the market today. One-click simplicity leads you through each stage of the process to ensure you have top quality panoramas stitched in nearly no time, every time.


There are no restrictions when using 3DVista Stitcher. Stitch almost any kind of panorama: All popular lens types supported including standard, wide angle, FISHEYE and One-shot lenses. Whether you want to stitch full or partial panoramas, flat, immersive, cubic or spherical 3DVista Stitcher does the lot.

Preview your panorama with Stitcher's built-in viewer then save it in JPG, BMP or PSD format and it's ready to be imported into 3DVista Publisher, 3DVista SHOW or your favorite virtual tour authoring software.

Standard images (35 mm.) Panorama of 360º x 70º


Rectangular Fisheye images (Sigma lens). Panorama 360º x 100º


Oneshot lens image. Panorama 360º x 105º



Hemispheric fisheye images (Nikon 185º). Panorama 360º x 180º



Non hemispheric Fisheye images (Sigma lens). Panorama 360º x 150º




Cubic images - Panorama 360º x 180º


Version: V.3.0
Price: 199€ - $199
Size: 8,02 Mb
Windows: XP/2000/2003/Vista