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VistaZoo is an innovative, customizable portal that contains maps and a powerful search engine. From SHOW or Publisher, in one simple click, you can easily upload your virtual tours to a VistaZoo portal.


You can have your own version of the VistaZoo portal and change it to your liking or to match your company style. Forget about coding and hassles with servers and databases. VistaZoo takes care of it all for you. It will take you 5 minutes to have it up and running.

Your portal and the content uploaded on it can be viewed from any computer and several mobile devices, making it a very powerful marketing tool.

You'll be glad to hear that you can personalize and tailor VistaZoo to fit your individual or company needs. You can use it to develop your business or to create a social community online.

Regardless of your professional background or computer know-how, VistaZoo is the portal for you. You can customize the colors and the branding to completely transform your portal to reflect your desired image or purpose.


And the most important feature, the database included with VistaZoo is totally configurable as well. Just create your own categories and subcategories. No matter if you need to show homes, cars, hotels or monuments, your VistaZoo portal will take care of it.

You can now use VistaZoo from your IPhone to enjoy panoramic views from all around the world, explore historical buildings or monuments, take a peek into the home of your dreams or scope out items being sold on Ebay.

Furthermore, now it is possible to create a virtual tour right from your phone and have it online in minutes. Everybody can see what you are seeing, as you are seeing it, in almost real time. Let the others experience your world in 360 degrees as they were with you.


VistaZoo is also available as a widget, that can be integrated into the most popular content websites and social networks on the web, such as Facebook, Myspace and Orkut among others… Doing this is as simple as copying and pasting some code. Take a look at the widget at work here.

For the past years and based on our client´s feedback, we have realized that you as a professional not only need the best software to create your virtual tours, but also a platform from where to show them in a beautiful and effective way.

Geolocating the virtual tours is nowadays a key feature in markets like Real Estate and tourism, as important as having the listings integrated into an online database accesible from a search engine. Developing these tools supposed a huge amount of resources, time and money.


Well, that has changed, because we at 3Dvista have developed this platform for you and for free. VistaZoo is here.