In the past weeks, we've seen the launch of some completely new features and functions, such as the E-Learning Module or Live Guided Tours. These upcoming weeks are dedicated to optimizing what's already there, to make workflows more intuitive and effective – in short: to revolutionize productivity when creating virtual tours in 3DVista. 

We've already introduced one of those, which was the addition of a button that applies an icon change to all hotspots of the same design within the tour. This is the second one: Recent, Favorites and a Search field have been added to the Library Windows. This will allow you to quickly select those icons that you frequently use, that you've saved to your Favorites or you can search for an icon in case you haven't been using it much recently and it doesn't immediately appear in your list.

Saving elements to your Favorites is as easy as clicking the little star on top of the icon. It'll then be listed in your "Favorites" section, making it easier to find and quicker to select.



Stay tuned for more productivity perks to come this week 😉



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