Let's talk about the most amazing virtual tours ever created with 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO, shall we? We get sent quite a few tours by our customers. Some of them feature great photography or amazing places, some burst with creativity and originality. Their creators are absolute masters of our software that -from time to time, we have to admit- show us how it's really done (and what it is we coded there). Those are the samples we want to present in this series.

Kill Castle – A Haunted Castle Mystery Game

A more than worthy tour to start this series off with. What am I saying, it's not just a virtual tour. It's an authentic computer game, a virtual experience, a challenge – entirely created with VT PRO.

This Haunted Castle Mystery Game is based on a real castle in Ireland. The owners of the castle, which is rented out to travelers, asked the agency to create the tour for marketing purposes. However, while they loved the result, they ultimately did not put it live out of fear it might make potential customers afraid to stay there.

Will you be able to make it out of the castle alive?

On April 21st of the year 2017, a group of four travelers stayed in the Kill Castle. Only three would leave.

Legend has it, there is a sinister presence that feeds on visitors' curiosity. The spirit would claim one as the host and another as the victim. In the end, one must die for others to leave. But who will it be? How will it happen? Who gets to stay alive?

Tour this virtual experience on your way to find traces that will lead you to the murderer and help you stay alive. True detective work in an amazing setting! A virtual tour that seriously made us shiver and an outstanding (and bold) marketing move. Are you brave enough to book a stay after this?

Make sure to tour this experience in the dark and with your sound on. Click on the image to run the tour or visit: http://projects.th3rdcoast.com/KillCastle/index.htm


The Creators

Created by Th3rd Coast Media Solutions, this virtual tour was a marketing project for the real Castle. The3rd Coast are storytellers who partner with clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops to solve all communication needs. From infographics to cutting-edge AR and VR, they are active across verticals including reality TV, marketing and corporate training. A 3DVista client, Th3rd Coast Media Solutions used 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO to design and create the experience from beginning to end. For more information, please visit www.th3rdcoast.com or email info@th3rdcoast.com. To find out more about the software used to create this, visit: 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO.

Got a virtual tour you think will make our jaws drop? Send it over to info@3dvista.com

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