Track & analyze viewer behavior

Advanced Analytics is one of the features that comes with the (optional) 3DVista Hosting. It allows you to monitor and track the traffic inside your virtual tours with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and heatmaps across all and within each virtual tour. All you have to do is log on to your personal 3DVista cloud with your credentials  under

As you may know, 3DVista gives you absolute freedom in terms of where and how you want to publish and host your virtual tours. Once you created your tour in 3DVista, you can publish it offline or upload it on 3DVista's or any third party server to have it online. One of the advantages of publishing your tour on 3DVista's Hosting servers (apart from the one-click upload) is that you get a bunch of tour analytics along with it – something you'd otherwise have to enable manually or contract separately. 

"85% of the visitors click on the Stove Hotspot when accessing the kitchen"

Global Analytics

These are analytics that describe the totality of all your uploaded virtual tours. How many visits did you get in the last 24 hours, week, month, …? How many people access your virtual tours? Which was the most successful and visited tour of all? What's the average time they spend exploring your tours? Where did the majority of visitors come from? And the list of information you can get here goes on and on… 


 Per-Tour Analytics

Now this section is to really dive in to the details of what's going on inside one tour, one panorama or even one hotspot.  Click on one of the virtual tour thumbnails to enter its detail analytics. Define the timeframe for which you want to see data and knock yourself out analyzing visits, visitors, staying time, clicks and even where people look at.

What's the tour's most visited media? Inside each media, what's the most looked at spot? The most clicked hotspot? How long did people stay inside each room or panorama? Rankings of media, rankings of hotspots, rankings of where your visitors come from… this is heaven for analysts and number-lovers.


Where do people really look? This is probably the crown-jewel of the new analytics tool. The most visual reporting tool, the heatmap is ideal for the analysis of what people find truly interesting when browsing your tours. Is it the art work? Is it a certain product in your virtual showroom? Or is there even an element inside your tour which is largely overlooked and which you should place elsewhere for it to get more attention? Use the heatmap to optimize product placement and marketing or knock your client’s socks off with a detail analysis and visual feedback.

How does it work?

The analytics that come with 3DVista Hosting give you lots and lots of detailed and insightful data about your tour’s traffic and success. It's also the easiest way to enable tracking and statistics for your virtual tours as it’s natively integrated into the program with which you create your tour in the first place. All you have to do is enable "“Enable 3DVista Cloud Analytics” in the publish window right when you publish your virtual tour onto 3DVista Hosting.


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