Discover a tour and have parts of it come to life


Having people inside the scene explain and guide you through the tour is the next big thing. Thanks to our new Animated Panorama, you can make certain areas inside your still panorama come to life. Whether you record a video right where you took the panorama or integrate just any stock video with or without Chroma. The possibilities are sheer endless.

The Animated Panorama extends 3DVista's list of panorama types to the following:

  •  Standard Panoramas
  • DR Panoramas
  • Adaptive HDR Panorama (unique 3DVista technology)
  • Live Panoramas ("Time-lapse" Panoramas) (unique 3DVista technology)
  • Animated Panoramas
  • Autoguided Panoramas
  • …and of course 360º videos

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Check out this Animated Panorama Tour

We'd love to see your Animated Panoramas. Send them to and indicate whether you're okay with us sharing it on our blog.

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