Never have we launched so many big changes, improvements and new features in one update. Here's the list:

  • Multiresolution Panoramas: You can now use panoramas of virtually any size in your virtual tour and allow unlimited zooming as well as Gigapanos. This new technology dramatically improves loading times to under 1 second.

    This is a free upgrade for everyone, whether you have the 1-year upgrade or not. Simply republish and enjoy the experience.

  • New "Start with Little Planet Effect" option in the Publish tab with "Display Time", "Flight Time", "Distance" and "Invert" configuration options.
  • New Advanced Analytics: Detail information tracking for Google Analytics. This registers and tracks clicks on hotspots and skin buttons as well as media played inside a tour for you to analyse.
  • Added a "Don't Resize" option to export a panorama with the original dimensions.
  • Added support in VR mode for GIF Panorama Hotspots.
  • Added support for Mercator Projection 1:1.
  • Added a "Don't Show Loading" option in the Loading subtab (yes, multiresolution is so fast, you don't need a loading screen).
  • Added option to apply configurations to all Tripod Caps: Added "Apply Config To …" button in Caps. This lets you apply the current cap config to several panoramas (and save a lot of time).
  • Added "On Show" and "On Hide" events for actions in Skin Components.
  • Improved the 3DVista Hosting loading speed after the first visit.
  • Removed the "Mobile Resolution" option in the Export Settings for Panoramas.
  • Removed the 120 MP size limit for Panoramas.
  • Removed the "Maximum Zoom" option for Panoramas. The maximum zoom will be calculated automatically with the Panorama resolution.
  • Modified the "Preview Level" values in the Loading tab. Now you can choose between "YES" (maintain the lower multiresolution level to get fast loading) or "NO" (you prefer a best quality removing the lower multiresolution level at start).

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