Customize and Manage your Quiz cards and E-learning elements

Learn how you can customize your quiz cards and report windows to have them match the rest of your virtual tour layout, how you can improve e-learning content management and how to pause/resume the overall timer of a quiz tour.

Discover how, with the latest improvements and options added to the program, managing your questions and, above all, customizing the styles of your E-leaning windows (fonts, colors, sizes, etc.) will be very easy and effective.


In this tutorial we explain these new features:

  • Question list and Count to Score list in the "E-Learning" tab.
  • Small Score/Question/Report preview in the "E-Learning" tab.
  • Several options to change the E-Learning style (Upgrade).
  • E-learning Themes to the library. You can save/load/export them (Upgrade).
  • New "E-Learning Timer" action where you can pause and resume the timer (Upgrade).

For more information about these new features, you can review our post about version 2022.1

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