Kolor's shutting down. We are as surprised as you are and we want to express our biggest respect for the Kolor founders and the entire Kolor team. Congratulations for 14 years of successful development, for pushing the tech and for being a fair partner to share the industry with.

The feedback we've seen online shows that quite a few KOLOR users are starting to look into alternatives. It's not easy having to learn a new program, invest all over again – just as if the last years had not happened.

But if you DO want to check out an alternative, we would like to reward your being a part of the industry and believing in virtual tours in the past. Therefore, we offer a 40% discount on our flagship product, 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO, for every KOLOR user who wants to "exchange" his PanoTour PRO license. Simply send us a screenshot or proof of your valid Kolor PanoTour PRO license to sales@3dvista.com and we will send you a special purchase link.


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