Web frames are without a doubt one of the most useful and versatile tools in VT PRO – and much easier to use than you may think. They allow us to smoothly integrate pretty much any external content into our virtual tours, without the need to import (and therefore possess) actual files.

Apart from being more versatile and allowing the use of a wider range of media and elements, web frames have another big advantage over actually IMPORTING media files into your tour:  You do not have to actually own or import the media yourself, which obviously saves space and speeds up loading. Instead, you can rely on content that you find readily online – on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Sketchfab, Google etc. Any platform that gives you an "Embed Link".

Here's a practical example: Imagine you're done connecting your panoramas and you now want to spice up the tour with some useful information, clickable details and highlights. Say you're advertising a house, you place a little info button which should pop up an interactive map where the user can zoom in and out, move around and even calculate directions from where he is at:

image (21).png

Or you want to embed a 3D model, a video you found online (or uploaded yourself to your YouTube channel) or integrate your (existing) booking system to allow visitors to book from inside the virtual tour. Pretty much everything you have or find online, you can integrate into your tour with the web frame tool. You only have to make sure it's on a secure page (https:// rather than http://) and use the provided embed code as explained in the tutorial below.

Wanna find out more? Here's a video tutorial with three different examples:

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