The list of new features in this one is long, starting with the long awaited Undo and Redo buttons and finishing with a new Panorama Type: The Animated Panorama has already been moved from the beta into the official software and is now available in your "normal" 3DVista VT PRO. That means you can overlay videos on top of your panorama (“video hotspots”) making it look like a part of the panorama is animated. 

This increases the range of possible hotspot types from 3 to 4: Polygons, Text Hotspots, Image Hotspots and now Video Hotspots.

For further updates and new functions and features included in this update, check out our change log:

  • Added new "Video" Hotspot in Panoramas. This allows you to seamlessly insert a projected video to make an animated panorama.
  • Added Custom fonts. The application will read the fonts installed in the system to use them inside of the tour.
  • Added new "Polygon Projected" Hotspot in Panoramas. The new polygon will follow the distortion in the image so it always displays correctly.
  • Added new options to open a Panorama or 360 Video through the "Open Media" hotspot action. These new options are:
    • Start Point.
    • Smart Entry View.
    • Same Spot as Current Media.
    • Custom.
  • Added "Enable Antialiasing" option in the Publish Tab. If this option is enabled, the player quality for desktop will be improved when panoramas in high resolution are played.
  • Added "Next Media" and "Previous Media" action. You can use that to go to the next/previous media in a selected playlist (the main Carousel or from custom dropdowns/thumbnail lists).
  • Added "Open Panorama in the same spot" option to the Dropdown/Thumbnail List component properties. This will maintain the view direction and open the new panorama in the same spot as the old panorama. Useful for Virtual Staging.
  • Added "ToolTip Display Time" option in the Publish tab.
  • Added "Preload All Skin Elements" option in the Publish tab.
  • Added "Transition Duration" option in the Viewer component.
  • Enabled Undo / Redo in the official version.
  • Increased preview quality for Panoramas. The generation of the intermediate images might result in slightly increased waiting time throughout the first loading of the project.
  • Fix: In the editor, the caps in Video 360 were applied to all videos (reported by Daniel).
  • Fix: Some Windows versions could have problems to open a project file with double click (reported by Panayotis).
  • Other minor issues.

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