We've been dying to write this post: For the past 9 months, our team has been working on a complete make-over of our virtual tour viewer technology. We implemented multiresolution, which improves loading times a lot and lets you include much bigger and higher quality panoramas in your tours.

And today is the day we can finally announce: It's out and running! Give it a try and compare the speed of loading and the image quality with previously published tours. It's so so cool! For now, you can find the new viewers in our beta version (What's that?) but soon, it'll migrate to the official 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO. This is also a special beta version with a new link. To download the beta with the new viewers, click on the following link:


This has been a feature much much requested, especially by former Kolor users who were used to multiresolution. We promised  we would implement it and got right to work. If you're curious, give it a try with the beta version (download here) and let us know what you think of it.

And the best part is, this will be a free upgrade for everyone – independently of whether you have a valid 1-year upgrade or not. To celebrate 20 years of 3DVista and give something back to our awesome community 😉

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What is multiresolution and what's improved?

Multiresolution basically means that the viewer will load the panorama by parts. This lets us use very very large panoramas that allow tremendous levels of zoom, without the lengthy loading process. Imagine you want to import a panorama with a resolution of 40000×20000 pixel. The advantage of such a panorama is it'll allow your audience to zoom very much into the image and to see incredible detail. But loading such a panorama would require several gigabytes and may be too much to handle for an average computer (and limiting your target audience is the last thing you'd want). The solution is to split the panorama into small parts where only those that are being called will load (so as your audience zooms in for example). Your panorama will also only load the resolution that's most adecuate for the current level of zoom. This saves a lot of memory as it never loads unnecessarily large amounts of data (which may not even be needed) simultaneously.

Of course, the performance is also highly improved, especially in mobile and VR devices.

Important Announcement

Some of you literally could not wait a day longer, so we published this as a bet version. We are aware that this feature may probably have some bugs still, which we will be fixing these days. So please report anything you find ("Help" – "Report Bug").

Known issue: The 3DVista hosting service is slower and in some tours 360º and normal videos may take longer to load. These two issues will be fixed in tomorrow's version.

Don't update if you have an important deadline. If you can, wait a couple more days to update. If you do want to update already, we recommend you make a backup of your project files (File – Export with media). Once you save the project with the new version, it is not recommended to go back to the previous version.

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