play multiple videos simultaneously on iOS

Now on iOS too: Multiple videos play simultaneously

This is one of those updates that is much more relevant than it may seem at first sight. If you're a virtual tour creator you may be familiar with an iOS limitation that seriously compromised the virtual tour experience up to now: iOS devices, such as iPhones or iPads by default, could only play one audio or video file at once.

That meant, that if you had several embedded videos in one panorama (say, one inside the room's TV frame, and one to animate the fire inside the fireplace, or an additional audio file to give an explanation or introduction) only one of those could be played.  This made the iPhone and iPad experience a lot less spectacular than the same virtual tour watched on Windows, Mac or Android devices…. until now!

So how do you play several embedded videos within one room simultaneously on iOS? We found a way and made it possible to play multiple media (audio and/or video) on iOS as well. So anytime you do have several audio or video files within your virtual tour, they not only work on Mac, Windows and Android – they also work by default on iOS now, too. To enjoy this update you just need to download the latest version of VT PRO (currently only in beta) and republish the tour with it.


two videos play

 Don't have the beta version yet? Download it here:

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