Our team of graphic designers created 8 beautiful new skins and dozens of skin elements, which will give your virtual tours the last bit of "architectural hue" to wow your audience. As of today, you can find them in your skin library, ready to spice up your tours (and save you lots of time!).

Get the skin that best matches your brand, customer or tour and swap the content for your own in no time. Or mix and match with separate new skin elements that can be found in the library under "Sets". Use modern stickers that carry the room name and description, coherent info windows with or without media, and of course, sleek menus.

Here's a preview of the different designs, flip through them or try them on your actual tours in VT PRO today.

  • Magazine / Real Estate:


  • Magazine / Travel:


  • Magazine / Modern:


  • Magazine / Antique:


  • Portfolio / Side Menu (3 Types)


  • Portfolio / Community / Black:


  • Portfolio / Community / Blue (2 Types)


  • Enterprise / Original:

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