3DVista VT PRO includes a new export format which converts your virtual tour into a 360º video, ready to be uploaded onto "video-only" platforms and thus significantly increasing your reach.

We get asked this a lot, and yes, you can upload your virtual tours to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms that support 360º videos. Ticking the respective Publish Format in our new Publish window, your tour will be exported as 360º video, in which the user will be able to spin around while being taken from media (e.g. panorama) to media. You won't have any hostpots or be able to click and trigger an action (because mp4 does not support such thing), but this format has other advantages over the traditional, more interactive virtual tour formats: It can be integrated natively into platforms, such as Facebook and Youtube, where -thanks to auto-play of 360º videos and the gyroscope-based view direction (which will have the physical position of your device determine where you're looking at) – it will guarantee to capture the attention of everyone scrolling down their facebook feed.


Let me give you an example of how this format will add value to your marketing:

Uploading to Facebook

Uploading your tour in this 360º video format to facebook, for example, has a couple of advantages to simply posting the standard tour link: When posting the standard virtual tour link on facebook, your users will have to click on the actual post, for the tour to be opened in a new window or tab. When posting the tour as 360º video, you'll take advantage of the facebook-inherent auto-play of videos. This captures attention and increases engagement by as much as 500% compared to a standard post without motion. Ideally, you'd then include the link to the actual, fully interactive virtual tour for those who want to see more than just the 360º video version.


Uploading to YouTube

The advantage of integrating YouTube into your marketing strategy and uploading your tours here is that you take advantage of the positioning and strength of YouTube as a platform. Your tours will index and you will more likely appear in search results. That's why we recommend keeping a YouTube channel onto which you upload your 360º virtual tour videos and where you put the link to the "real" interactive virtual tour in the description box. Give it a try. You'll have an additional marketing channel in no time and with no extra effort.

Virtual Tours published as 360º Videos are an ideal way to complement your online presentation, to hook people in and to then send them to your real virtual tour, hosted on a platform they might otherwise not have found.

And while we were at it, we also re-designed our publish window to include all possible virtual tour fomats. You can mix and match as you wish – just tick the ones you want and hit "Publish".

image (28)

Psst… Can you spot the "Include Music" Feature in the settings on the bottom of the window? Stay tuned for it's implementation in March 2019. Oh, and tripod caps will come, too.


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