3DVista Private Viewers (right click: 3DVista Player)

When a user right clicks in one of your tours, they'll see what's called a context menu with some options and information. You have the option to add your name as the author to that information. from inside the Publish tab. That will not hide the player version shown at the bottom of that menu though. For that, 3DVista would have to give you your own private viewers.

How can I replace the "3DVista Player version XXXX" text in the context menu that shows upon right click?

3DVista offers a service where we create your own custom viewers, for those who want to remove the Player version tag from their tours. For a one time fee of 250€, we will send you your own viewer where that text is replaced with your own text (can also link to a URL). The viewers will be updated automatically in your VT PRO license every time there is an update in the general viewers.

You can purchase the Private Viewer via this link:

We would then need a text from you that you want to replace the 3DVista Player xx Version with. This text needs to clearly identify you or your company but not imply that the technology is your IP (e.g. it can't contain "Powered by"). You can also send us a URL, which the user should be led to when clicking on your Name. 

We will have your private viewers ready within 1-3 business days. You then just need to close the program VT PRO, open it again and republish existing tours, so they all carry the new context menu when right clicking. Future tours will automatically be published with your private viewer.

The private branded viewer service can be used in tours that will be hosted on your own server. And it applies to all the licenses that you have under the same email address.

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