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I can't install or open 3DVista VT Suite or Stitcher programs in my Mac. l get a warning saying that "the identity of the developer can not be confirmed".

Some recent security changes in OSX 10.9.5 and 10.10 have caused some issues resulting in this error message. To solve this, first please go to System Preferences and then click on Security & Privacy. After that you will want to click on the lock in the bottom left corner, and then make sure Allow apps downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers. In some cases you will see the option to open anyway during this step. After that please go to the Applications folder and right-click on the 3DVista .app file, and select Open from that list. You will see the same message, but will have an "Open" button to allow 3DVista software to launch.

Here is another way to fix this: https://parrotgeek.com/more.html