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What kinds of Hotspots can I integrate in 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO?

You can add five different types of hotspots:

  1. A polygon, whose geometric shape you can draw freely. The entire chosen shape will be an active area on the panorama that will trigger an action when clicked on.
  2. A Projected Polygon, which will adapt to the projection & deformation of the 360º scenery.
  3. Interactive text, which could act as information signs (i.e. EXIT) and where the text itself is the clickable area.
  4. An image, icon or animated GIF to represent the hotspot area itself. You can choose from our extensive icon library or import your own images
  5. A Video Hotspot, which allows you to integrate a piece of video into your panorama. This is used for Animated Panoramas, where, when clicking on the hotspot area the video will start playing and thus the area begins to "come to life".