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How do I create multiple hosts for live guided tour sessions in 1 virtual tour?

When a tour is published with LGT, each time a new password is assigned, a "channel" is created on the server, which is like a chat room, and its id is put in the html. To have several channels you have to publish in the same folder each time assigning a different password and when you finish each publication change the name to index.htm. In the end I would have a .htm for each "room", the host that connects to that page will only receive the guests that connect to the same page.

Imagine that you rename the first html from index. to host-1.html. The second is host-2.html. etc…

This way you can have all the URLs in your site and link them. Each one will have a tour with one specific host (Host-1 or Host-2) instead of a random one. 

Default url of virtual tour:

website .com / virtualtourname

Then the url for the hosts become:

website .com / virtualtourname/host-1.html

website .com / virtualtourname/host-2.html