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Can I Archive, Finish or Download my notes at the end of a project?

When a Note is finished and you don't need to continue the conversation about it, you have different options to manage it.

These options (and others) are accessible from the "settings" icon (the 3 dots):

First of all you can "Archive" the note. With this, the note will be "invisible" and you will not see it neither as an element on the panorama, nor in the list of notes in the left panel. You can always "unarchive" it or allow unarchived notes to be visible:

You can also "Mark as solved" (only if you are the creator of the note, or you are an administrator). With this option, the note is finished, it will be inactive and nobody will be able to write on it anymore. This option is reversible:

Lastly, regarding the download, although it is not possible to completely download the note, it is possible to download all its uploaded multimedia material (photos, videos, documents, etc). You just have to click on the gray download icon in the lower right corner of each media:

For greater convenience, you can enter the "Multimedia" option where you can find all this material compiled and ordered by type of Media: