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Can I use 360º cameras with 3DVista VT PRO?

You can use 360º panoramas and videos created with any 360º camera with 3DVista VT PRO. All you need to do is to create those panoramas and videos using the proprietary stitching software that comes with the camera to obtain a panorama or a video. Once you have created this media you can import it in VT PRO.

360º Camera models compatible with 3DVista VT PRO:

Insta360 One
Insta360 One X
Insta360 One X2
Insta360 One R
Insta360 Pro
Insta360 Pro 2
Insta360 Titan

Ricoh Theta S
Ricoh Theta V
Ricoh Theta Z1

Kandao Qoocam 8K
Kandao Obsidian

VUZE cameras (require correcting the proportion to 2:1 in a photo editor)

GoPRO Fusion

Samsung 360 Gear

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