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What are HDR panoramas?

HDR or High Dynamic Range panoramas are a common feature in photography. A normal photo without HDR tends to have areas that are over- or underexposed – usually both – which results in a loss of detail in bright or dark areas. HDR compensates for this loss of detail by capturing multiple photographs at different exposure levels and combining them to produce one photo representative of a broader tonal range. This means that in the final photo we will have the optimal exposure of dark and bright spots respectively combined (which initially comes from a different photo). This is especially useful for indoor panoramas where you have windows or lamps.

HDR is a great feature to enhance your panoramas and virtual tours. Precisely because it is a feature that really can make a difference in panoramas, we here at 3DVista took it one step further and developed Adaptive HDR. For more information on 3DVista’s unique adaptive HDR technology, please click here or watch the tutorial on "What is the difference between normal HDR and the new 3DVista Adaptive HDR?".