What is a panorama?

A panorama is the result of stitching multiple photos to get one single image that covers a wide field of view (up to 360°). You can either display a panorama in a plain – like a flat photo – or you can view it in a spherical format (in a viewer that allows you to turn left, right, up and down). You can always preview your panorama in the spherical way within 3DVista Stitcher but in order to publish it in the spherical format, you will need to use 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite.

3DVista software allows you to create special forms of panoramas, such as:
Live Panorama, which is a seamless time-lapse panorama created out of various panoramas of the same spot taken at different times.
Adaptive HDR Panorama dynamically adjusts exposure levels depending on where you are looking in real time. As opposed to having the optimal exposure levels fixed in your panoramas, this lets you experience how exposure and luminosity adapt in every area of the panorama just as the human iris would.

If you are curious and want to try these new forms of panoramas that only 3DVista offers to this extent, download the free trial of our software. The trial versions contain the exact same features as the purchasable versions so you will be able to really see what the software can do for you.