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What is the difference between normal HDR and the new 3DVista Adaptive HDR panorama?

HDR generally is a great feature to enhance your panoramas and virtual tours. Nonetheless, some people think that HDR photos seem a little too artificial and unreal. EXAMPLE PHOTO
This is why we here at 3DVista developed a technology that takes advantage of the benefits of HDR while making the panoramas look more natural and real. Adaptive HDR is a feature that is exclusive to 3DVista technology that you won’t find in any other software.
We were inspired by the behavior of the actual human eye whenever it has to deal with these very dark and very bright spots in real life. What the human eye does is it adapts to light and dark dynamically by adjusting the iris depending on the area your eye focuses on. With 3DVista’s adaptive HDR, we are mimicking this natural behavior thereby letting you add an extra element of reality to your virtual tours. So what adaptive HDR does is that rather than having the optimal exposure levels fixed in your panoramas, it dynamically adjusts them depending on where you are looking in real time. It lets you experience how exposure and luminosity adapt in every area of the panorama just as the human iris would, letting you see places the way they actually look in reality.
In order to take advantage of this unique feature you will need 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro.