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How and where can I publish my virtual tour?

You can publish your virtual tour on your or your company’s website in order to improve your online appearance. Getting customers to interact with your virtual tour will give you a competitive advantage because it gets the user engaged. You can use the virtual tour as a new webpage (solely showing the tour) or as part of an existing one (integrate the virtual tour into for example the product description page of a house that you are offering).

Note that in order for your tour to be seen by your audience, it is not necessary to have a special player or software. So as soon as your virtual tour is published online, it can be seen by anyone.

But how DO you publish or upload your virtual tour exactly? Once you are done creating or editing your virtual tour you will have to get it from within the program to the internet for people to see. Of course, you can upload it to your own server. But if you are struggling with uploading processes or and FTP programs we also have a solution for you. We have included our own hosting service, which lets you upload your virtual tours to the internet with just one click. You’ll get a link that you can share on the internet or send right away to friend or customers.