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You can export your virtual tours in two different formats: For the web and/or as a Standalone file.

You can export your virtual tours in two different formats

  1. For the web (online)
    If you choose this format, the program will export various files and folders (see list), which is why you should first create your own new folder (e.g. "My first virtual tour") to store them in. All these exported files and folders need to be uploaded to an ftp or hosting service in order to be played online. The typical structure of files and folders that you will export from 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite consists of:
    • index.htm (the file that needs to be opened from the browser)
    • script.js
    • Media (folder where all the media files are stored)
    • Lib (folder with accessory elements)
      IMPORTANT: You need to upload ALL these files and folders respecting their relative path in order to have your virtual tours working. This means, you cannot, for instance, move the "index.htm" file inside the "media folder".
  2. As an autoexecutable that runs on a local hard drive. (offline):
    The autoexecutable format consists of one single file (.EXE for PC & tar.bz2 for Mac) that can be emailed or stored in services like Dropbox or the kind for fast and easy sharing. It doesn´t need of a connection to run once they have been download in a computer.
    The exe or tar.bz2 file consists of one single file that includes everything and can be downloaded to be run locally. Depending on whether you want to have your tour online for anyone to see or sent it to individuals for them to run it locally, you choose one or the other.

It is impossible to estimate the space needed, because that depends on the amount of media, the type of media and the sizes and quality of them. As a reference of a virtual tour of 10 panoramas (6000 x 3000px) we can say that is around 60-70MB.