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Web Frame

Adding a Web Frame allows you to to show any web content within your 3DVista Virtual Tour.


  • Start with http:// or https://
  • That the website allows you to use iFrame. Learn more about blocked iFrames here.

Different set of use cases

  • Your own website
  • YouTube video
  • Vimeo video
  • Google Streetview
  • Sketchfab 3D models
  • E-commerce product pages

Inserting a Web Frame in 3DVista

Changing the background of the Web Frame

Within Properties > Edit Styles you can add or remove the background of the Web Frame. The background color loads in first before showing the Web URL.

Removing background colors

Right click the white color selector to remove the color selector. If there is no color selector, there will be no background color at all. Alternatively you can move the Opacity slider from 1.00 to the left 0.00.

Adding background colors

Left click anywhere in the color bar to add a color selector. Adding multiple color selectors will generate a gradient.

Changing background colors

Once clicked the color selector, a color picker window will appear. Pick any Hex color code to set the color.

Enable/Disable scrolling

Within the Properties you can find the option to Enable or disable scrolling.

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