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Tour Description:

This tour is an example of an "Adaptive HDR" panorama. Depending on where you look, the lighting will adapt to the scene, brightening or darkening so you can better appreciate the details – just as the human eye does in real life.

The same scene was shot with different exposure levels, generating 3 different panoramas which were then imported into 3DVista VT Pro as a single "Adaptive HDR Panorama". The rest is done by the program, it will automatically show the viewer the correct version at all times so that depending on what is in focus, it is always shown in its optimum exposure. This avoids, for example, looking at a very bright window and seeing it "burned out", or looking at a corner where there is hardly any light and not being able to distinguish anything because everything is black.

For this sample we used a beautiful panorama of the interior of one of the most famous rooms of the Alhambra (Granada, Spain). The walls are richly decorated with detailed mosaics and inscriptions typical of Nasrid art, and the ceiling is a magnificent example of a muqarnas dome. Looking through the door of the hall, you'll see the famous fountain of the lions. If it weren't for the aforementioned darkening effect that adapts the lighting to the bright exterior (as opposed to the dark interior), you wouldn't be able to see the fountain.

Open the tour and just follow the Autopilot. It'll guide you through the highlights of the room, while showing you the potential of the "Adaptive HDR" system.


  • Adaptive HDR Panorama
  • Autopilot

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