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Tour Description:

Allow your audience to virtually walk through any exposition that you've ever had. Click on a painting to make it fly in and have a look at it more closely. Every panting can also carry information in written, audio or video format.

This tour is a virtual replica of an art gallery located in Granada (Spain). In it, you can take a tour of its corridors and rooms, enjoying each of the paintings on display. Thus the viewer can see all the works, remotely, in their own context. It has the advantage that, even if the gallery changes the collection of works, the tour will be kept indefinitely, being able to be a timeless testimony of that specific collection that the gallery housed for a time.

Although the works can be viewed in detail by browsing the panoramas and zooming in on them, some of them are clickable and open a photo of the work at a higher resolution, where all the brush strokes and details can be seen more clearly. In addition, a voiceover by the artist himself explains in depth how the work was conceived, what he tried to reflect in it, and the highlights in his opinion. In this way we can enrich the experience of the viewer, offering him resources that he would hardly have in the real version of himself.

The tour is complemented with access to the exhibition brochure, hosted externally.

The panoramas that make up the tour were taken with a Canon 7D DSLR and a fisheye lens. The resulting photos were later stitched with 3DVista Stitcher and photoshopped.

This is an ideal complement for art galleries that frequently renew their exhibitions, being able to have different versions with different works. In addition to being able to offer its visitors a virtual alternative, without schedules, and being able to reach an audience located anywhere in the


  • Standard Panoramas
  • Hotspots
  • Popup Image with Audio
  • Photoalbums

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