Chroma Video in Skin

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Tour Description:

An example of the new option available: Apply chroma to videos within the skin. In this small demo, we show a possible use case for this new option. A character could explain things to us regarding each room on the tour, so that visually it would always be in an upper layer of the tour, allowing you to move and interact with the tour while the character continues with the explanation of him. This is possible because now the videos played in a viewer inside the skin, allow adding chroma, with which we eliminate the background of the video, giving a feeling of very effective integration.

The tour also shows how it is possible to change the video depending on the panorama that opens, changing the explanation and making it specific to each room.

We also show a second use case for the new option: being able to view videos in popup mode with chroma. In the example, a sofa that moves in 3D is reproduced without a background above the tour, creating a very striking effect.

For more information and details on how to do it, we recommend that you read the post created for this reason.


  • Video with chroma
  • Standard Panoramas
  • Info windows

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Video with Chroma