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Tour Description:

This is a classic real estate listing. Step in and discover the villa’s beauty in every detail. Customizable features allow you to adapt your virtual tour perfectly to the design of the object.

This tour includes a wealth of multimedia resources to make the most of the remote home visit experience. Apart from the virtual tour of all its rooms, we highlight specific elements through the use of video hotspots, detail popup photos, objects highlighted with extra information, timelapse videos and live day / night panoramas. With this we put in value the elements of the house, such as works of art (paintings, engravings, sculptures …), construction elements, finishes, and other "extras".

The skin has been designed not to stand out too much, leaving the prominence to the panoramas themselves. And part of its elements are dynamic and change depending on the media loaded.

As in the best catalogs, specific information is provided for each room through the use of stickers that are updated according to the space being visited.

A list of elements is also shown to access the different hotspots in each space, so you will not miss anything that is on the screen, being able to enjoy different ways of accessing the content.

Of course, the tour can be viewed in VR format, which allows the viewer to feel that they are in their own house, touring its rooms and imagining living in it more vividly. The use of immersive audio also contributes to the experience, being able to listen to the water in the pool as you look, or the sound of the waterfall in the interior patio.


  • Standard Panoramas
  • Live Panoramas
  • Inmersive Audio
  • Hotspots
  • Dynamic Stickers
  • VR

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