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Tour Description:

This virtual tour has been used to document major restoration works of one of the most visited monuments in Spain. Photo albums, hotspots and a timeline allow for perfect orientation and attention to detail.

A virtual tour in which, using a panorama as a base to place the different elements, and the skin with its keypads, interactive timeline, menus and others, allows a very efficient way of grouping and viewing the extensive documentation (graphic and written ) around this restoration work done in the Oratorio del Partal, one of the most important buildings in the Alhambra (Granada, Spain).

The hotspots on the panorama, which indicate the most outstanding elements of said restoration, open up detailed photographs to see the final finish with more precision.

The lower timeline is an original way of displaying different information windows, placing them in their temporal context. Rollovers are used to display personalized thumbnails and the buttons open classic information windows with explanatory photos.

The side keypad, also created manually, opens another series of specific information windows, with photos or galleries inside.

The tour is a clear example of how to show in a more interesting and striking way, any type of detailed information or documentation, which otherwise could be boring or of little interest. In addition, the use of graphic resources helps to understand and process information, giving it a temporal and spatial context.

The panorama allows you to observe and enjoy in detail the magnificent monument in all its splendor, highlighting the mentioned restoration process. And seeing the photographs, engravings and old plans, comparing them with the current state, helps to better understand their evolution over time.


  • Standard Panorama
  • Info Windows
  • Photoalbums
  • Hotspots
  • Popup Images
  • Background Audio
  • VR

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