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Tour Description:

This virtual tour takes you through the "Caja Magica" Tennis Stadium in Madrid. Take a look at the main court to see the location and views of each ticket category.

Position yourself almost in person in the different sectors of the stands to have a true and faithful vision of how you would see the game from every angle and distance. In this way you will be able to choose with much more clarity which type of ticket to buy, and avoid surprises when you arrive on the real stage. In fact, if you visualize the tour with virtual reality glasses, the vision you will have will be identical to what you will have once there.

This tool is especially useful for any type of facility or space where events are held. It is a great advantage for the user, to be able to see in advance what would be their "real" vision and their surroundings once they have chosen their seat or armchair. It generates confidence in the buyer, which can be a determining factor when increasing sales.

The tour contains a map or floorplan of the entire track and its different seating areas. From there, you can go to each of the different spaces, stand there and contemplate the specific view of that area. Thus, compare the difference between one side and the other, how close each "box" or area is to the court, and at what size you would see your favorite athletes. Also included are a couple of panoramas taken at the foot of the court, with which you can imagine the vision of the tennis players during the match.

Through hotspots specifically designed for this project, all the zones are labeled and it is possible to go from one to another by clicking on them.

We also use some stikers to also indicate which area we are seeing at all times.

We have a simple button panel with the tour options, from which we can show a general information window, access the map, show the list of panoramas, put in VR mode, hide the hotspots and mute the music.

The panoramas were taken with a Canon 7D DSLR and fisheye lens, later stichando the photos with 3DVista Stitcher. They were then adjusted and photoshopped. The skin elements, hotspot labels and info windows were designed in external programs and imported into VTPro for their composition.


  • Standard Panoramas
  • Floorplan
  • Info Windows
  • Hotspots
  • Background Audio
  • VR

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