Sticker vs Floating Hotspots

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Tour Description:

This is a tour where we show the difference between the same hotspots applied in a classic "sticker" way and in the new, more recent "Floating" format.

As can be seen, each type has a different behavior when the tour is being viewed. Thus, those of the "sticker" type will remain as "glued" to the panorama and will deform when they move away from the center of the screen. On the other hand, the "floating" (which do not have the "apply as sticker" option marked) remain as floating on top of the panorama and there is no deformation in them. To better see the difference, we recommend moving the camera and taking them to the ends of the screen, as well as zooming in and out to see how each one behaves.

Each one has different applications and in some cases we will be interested in using one and in others the other way. It is convenient to be clear about this, and with this example we can see very easily the difference between them, being able to see all of them at the same time or filtering to show one or the other independently.

We also recommend reading the post that talks about it to learn more about this option.


  • Standard Panorama
  • Sticker Hotspots
  • Floating Hotspots

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