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Tour Description:

Introducing the new WOW feature for virtual tours. Static and Dynamic hotspots can now be added to your 360º videos.

This Tour consists of a 360 video taken from the famous "San Nicolás" viewpoint in the city of Granada (Spain). From here you have a magnificent view of the "Alhambra" and different neighborhoods of Granada, and in turn, we enjoy the general atmosphere that exists in that square (local musicians playing live, craft stalls, tourists, etc.) . The 360 ​​video has been enriched with hotspots that show information on each element to highlight. Thus we combine the "feeling" of living that moment, with the extra contribution of information with which to expand the experience, being able to satisfy the curiosity of everything that is seen there.

Thus, we can see information windows with detailed texts about the Alhambra and different monuments, along with detailed photos, audio guides, purchase buttons, etc.

We also include detailed video hotspots (for example of the musicians in full performance) and different links to areas of interest (Sierra Nevada, restaurants, etc.)

Also shown are some "moving" hotspots that move through the video and follow different people as they walk through space. This is one more example of the richness and variety of interactive resources that the program allows.

The 360 ​​video recording was done with a Ricoh Theta, and the rest of the material (normal video and photos) with a Canon DSLR. All this with a subsequent edition for improvement and correction of color, lighting, contrast, etc …

An example of how to use VTPro for the tourism sector, in an interactive way and much more striking and spectacular than the old models based on simple photos and texts.


  • 360 Video
  • Hotspots in 360 Video
  • Complex Info Windows
  • Audio
  • Popup Images
  • VR

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