Virtual Tour with Autopilot

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Tour Description:

Sit back and let this guided virtual tour take you through the villa, showing you the main features of 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO.

A tour with which you can access through the lower button to different "mini tours" where some of the main features of the program are exemplified. All of them are explained with an audio locution, while the route through them has been automated with the use of the "Automatic Pilot". A different way of viewing our tours, in which the user only has to be carried away by the previously pre-established route, without touching anything, as if it were a movie. But with the advantage that the user can take action at any time and take control of the tour to handle it at will. The autopilot will reactivate after a few seconds without interaction.

This option is ideal for starting tours making sure that the inexperienced user will see what interests us the most, although later they can make use of the interactivity that the tours allow. It is also very useful for fairs and congresses in which it is necessary to show a tour automatically, without our presence, and although visitors interact with it and modify the route, it will automatically return to its original route.

Regarding the content, we have different well-differentiated sections, each one explaining different functions:

    • A first full screen initial video presenting the software in a general way.
    • Second, we have a short tour of a village where the use of hotspots and some of the functions that they can show are explained to us.
    • The third section is a spectacular example of Livepanorama technology, which allows combining different panoramas taken at different times and showing them sequentially through transitions.
    • The fourth feature that is explained is Adaptive HDR, a function with which, like the human eye, we adapt the lighting level based on what is shown on the screen, clarifying if the area in focus is dark, and darkening when we see something very bright.
    • Then, there is an explanation of the use of skins, presenting several live visual examples, with buttons, floorplans, list of panoramas, etc.
    • We also have a sample of what could be a museum project, where you can see the works from the panorama and click on them to open information windows with explanations and data about the work, and enlarged images of it.
    • Finally, the final section places us next to a fountain or waterfall, so that if we look towards it we will hear the water falling strongly, but if we look in the opposite direction, we will stop hearing it, to go on to listen to the background music that comes of the living room. This is another feature called "Immersive Audio" which allows assigning audios to specific areas of the panoramas, so that depending on where the viewer looks, one or the other sounds will be reproduced, making the tours much more immersive.

All the panoramas in the example were taken with a Canon 7D DSLR camera and fisheye lens. The photos were then stitched together using the 3DVista Stitcher to create the final panoramas.


  • Standard Panoramas
  • Live Panoramas
  • HDR Adaptive Panoramas
  • Inmersive Audio
  • Background Audio
  • Hotspots
  • Dynamic Stickers
  • Info Windows
  • Popup Images
  • Video
  • Aerial Video
  • Photoalbums
  • Complex skin

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