UPDATE (2018.2.4): Copy/Paste of Hotspots, Animated PNG Hotspots, SCORM

This is a strong one:

  • Added COPY/PASTE FOR HOTSPOTS with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. You can select several hotspots in the list with Ctrl or Shift pressed.
  • Added COPY/PASTE FOR SKIN ELEMENTS with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V.
  • Added Copy/Paste options in the Edit menu.
  • Added "Include SCORM" option in the Publish popup.
  • Supported Animated PNG (APNG) format in Hotspots. This format allows you a better quality than GIF and it is VR compatible.
  • Added "Blending" option in Video Hotspot to easily blend the video into the scene.
  • Added "Apply Chroma" option in Video Hotspot.
  • Added new publish format "To 360º video" which converts and publishes your virtual tour as a 360º video so it can be uploaded to YouTube and other platforms.
  • Added the Action panel for all components in the Skin Editor.
  • Added Ctrl + Preview combination to start the preview in the current media (only media included into the carousel).
  • Added Windows / Mac selector in the Autoexecutable publication.
  • Added "Open Floorplan" action.
  • Added "At End" event in actions for Video Hotspot.
  • Added "Stay at last frame when finished" option in Video Hotspots.
  • Added "Pause" action in Video Hotspots.
  • Added "Icon Size" percent value in Edit Styles for Button component.
  • Added "Background", "Border" and "Padding" options for Label component.
  • Added "Padding" options for Button component.
  • Added "Propagate Click to Parents" option for all Skin components.
  • Added "Enable Children Interaction" option for Container component.
  • Added "Show" and "Hide" as separated options in the Show/Hide Components action for Toggle Buttons.
  • Added an alternative behaviour when you press the ALT key and scale an element/hotspot, scaling from the center.
  • Supported DNG format in Panorama.
  • Supported several RAW formats in Albums/Floorplans.
  • Supported WAV format for sounds.
  • Improved the loading/processing time with images in the application.
  • Modified Publish popup with a new design.
  • Renamed "Show First Frame at Stopped" option to "Start mode" in Video Hotspots.
    Fixed some minor issues in the Skin Editor.
    Other minor issues.

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