Update 1.3.52 (March 19th 2018)

Your VT PRO just got a new update. Here's what's new:

* Lets you run your tours (published for web) offline and on your computer. Just drag&drop your tour folder into the app to see the tour. Pressing Ctrl. + N lets you open the tour in your default browser, allowing you to see it on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Chrome and Firefox) and Windows Mixed Reality (Edge).
* The preview is now executed in the new Tour Viewer App by default. To change this, tick "Open Preview in Default Browser" in Preferences.

* When importing a video with H264 codec and MP4 format and resizing or recompressing the video is not selected, the video will not be re-processed, speeding up the publishing process significantly.
* "Export to GearVR" option for 360 Video and Video is now disabled by default. If you wish to make your published tour compatible with Gear VR, too, check the box "Export to Gear VR" in the Publish tab.
* "Export to Adaptive" option (different quality versions of the video for different connection speeds) for 360 Video is now disabled by default. If you wish to have the video quality adapt to the user's connection, tick this box in the Publish tab.

* Added a "Transparent Area Activated" option for Hotspot Images to make them easier to click on.
* Fix: An error occurred when a non-square cap was inserted (reported by bkoleff).
* Other minor issues.

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