Update 1.3.71 (April 27th 2018)

Your VT PRO just got a new update. This is what's new:

* Reduced the project loading time with several Skin components.
* Added "Set Initial View" in Start section for 360º Video.
* Support for TIFF files with LZW compression.
* PDF files are now displayed in the Tour Viewer app.
* In a Live Panorama you can set the "Frame Display Time" and the "Frame Transition Time" to 0.
* Fix: Some problems when user opened an action from a Panorama without Auto Play and out of carousel (reported by Oisin).
* Fix: An internal error happened when an audio is added in an "Open Image Popup" action and it is played in the preview (reported by Stuart).
* Fix: The photo album didn't work if you inserted a TIFF image as photo (reported by Jamie).
* Fix: An error occurred when importing a 360 Video in a new project as first media (reported by Iraklis).
* Fix: The Autoplay with 0 seconds didn't work indefinitely.
* Fix: HDR Panoramas weren't exported correctly with "File / Export / Project with media".
* Other minor issues.

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