Update 2024.0: VR mode in 3D Models, Accesibility options, Fog effect…

Added VR mode in 3D Models (Upgrade)

Now it's possible to visualize three-dimensional content in VR mode. All your 3D models can be viewed on your VR devices like Quest or Pico (not available on Cardboard). Enjoy greater immersion in your virtual experiences using 3D, which will give you a new dimension of realism and spectacularity when viewed in VR (Works with 6 degrees of freedom – 6DoF).

You can make use of the 3 modes we have for 3D:

  • Orbital Mode: Use the controllers of your VR device as if you were "grabbing" your object or model and rotate it, flip it, bring it close to your eyes… as if it were a real object.
  • Fly-Over Mode: Analyze and explore large surface models as if you were flying over them.
  • First Person View Mode: Traverse and observe the space of your model as if you were really inside it. Inspect your new, yet-to-be-built house, transport yourself inside a spaceship, or stroll through the streets of ancient Rome… there are no limits.

And of course, all the features of the 3D models will also be available in VR, so you can use hotspots, animations, light changes, environment maps, effects, etc…

For more information on this feature, you can find a more detailed explanation and an example to visualize in our previous blog post.

Added Accessibility Options (Upgrade)

Your tours can now be more accessible thanks to the new options for interacting with them. With the new capabilities, you will be able to:

  • Use Labels for Screen Readers on Buttons, Dropdowns, and Thumbnail Lists.
  • Have Automatic Tab Order for Skin Elements.
  • Use Custom Tab Order for Skin Elements.
  • Navigate through hotspots using Keys and the Pointer Mode.
  • Activate/Deactivate Pointer Mode with Action.
  • Add Subtitles in Audio.
  • Pause/Play Videos with the "Space" key.

For more information and a more detailed explanation about each of these options, you can read our recent post about it.

Added "Fog" effect in the 3D Model / FX subtab (Upgrade)

Create a more immersive and dramatic atmosphere in your 3D models by adding this striking fog effect. Distant elements will become less visible when wrapped in fog, and as we approach them, they will gradually become more visible. You can control the color and intensity of the fog.

We added the "Visible only in VR mode" option for hotspots applied to 3D models (upgrade)

With the incorporation of VR mode to 3D models, it will be very useful for many projects to create hotspots specifically for viewing in VR, so they do not appear on other devices. This way, we can better customize our tours without having to create specific versions or new projects for these purposes.

Supported 3D Model importation with Draco compression (Upgrade)

With 3D programs that allow it, you can now export models with this method of compressing the geometry, as VTPro will now be able to recognize and work with this type of models.

Added "VR Foveation" in Project / VR Settings Panel to improve performance by decreasing rendering quality at the edges (Upgrade)

Since optimizing our project for correct and fluid viewing in VR will be a priority, we have added this option as an aid to this task. With it, you can control the level of application of this property with values from 0 to 1, finding the perfect balance for your project. Values close to 0 will have no effect, but values close to 1 will reduce the image quality of the outer areas of our field of view in the goggles, optimizing and improving performance during viewing.

Added "Save as Zip" option in Publish / Autoexecutable / Windows

This ZIP option allows you to create a ZIP file with the client’s tour instead of an EXE. The ZIP file includes a viewer and the tour, making it easy to drag and drop. The EXE is a signed executable from 3DVista, so it avoids security error issues. Additionally, once the EXE is decompressed, it doesn't need to be decompressed again, resulting in faster loading of tours after the first time.

Improved the filter quality in the Panorama exportation (requires clean cache)

Thanks to this improvement, the panoramas in your tours will be displayed with higher quality and sharpness.

Added "Item Padding" option in the Thumbnail List

A new option to adjust and further customize this type of component.

Want to try it?

This is an update available to all 3DVista users, although some of the features will require a valid Upgrade plan (what's that?).

Not a 3DVista user yet? Try our free 30-day trial (no credit card required) of the desktop software VT PRO to design and create your own virtual tours. You don't have any 360º content to work with yet? No problem. Just download our demo tours and use them in the software to play around with.

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