After all the time you invest in creating your virtual tours, it is not only very interesting but also important to know how well your tours do, what paths and flows your audience follows and what wokrs for your tours and what doesn't (in terms of hotspot allocation, skin elements, number of panoramas etc). So let's talk a little bit about the tracking and statistics of your virtual tours.

Up to now, all we could monitor in our virtual tours was “How many people entered to see the tour as a whole?”, “How long did they stay on average?”, “Where did the visitors come from?” and little more – everything on a global scale, so in terms of the entire tour. Ever since the last update, however, analytics and tracking of the performance of your virtual tours have stepped up their game big time:

The newly implemented "Advanced Analytics" let you monitor and track the detailed behaviour of your audience INSIDE the virtual tour. So "How do users behave with the elements, hotspots or media inside the tour?

"Which buttons are the most clicked?", "Which panoramas are the most visited inside a tour?", "Is there a hotspot that remains unnoticed and which I should highlight so it gets more traffic?"

You can even see where visitors come from and which nationality tends to follow which flow. All valuable insights for marketing, reporting and performance improvement.

You can track and analyse this data using Google Analytics. How exactly that works is explained in this video tutorial:

Oh, and it works both for tours hosted on the 3DVista Hosting Service and externally hosted tours.

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