The amazingly versatile "Autotrigger at Start" function not only allows you to have all hotspots invisible when opening a tour or a panorama, it basically allows you to perform any kind of automatic action at the start of a new media. This makes it great for automatically playing audio or video when entering a new panorama, applying zoom or showing or hiding skin elements when opening a tour (think a semi-transparent instruction to show how to maneuver the tour).

After importing the underlying element (whether it's a button, an image or a video), all you have to do is assign the action "Autotrigger at Start" and whichever action you assign after this will be provoked automatically when entering the tour or the media in which your element appears. Have a look at the turorial where we demonstrate two useful cases that explain the dynamics of this function and show you how to apply it.

On top of automatically triggering certain actions at Start, you can also close the loop and have the element or action return to its original state after x seconds, which is great for having elements show up and slowly disappear – all without the need for interaction whatsoever.




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