As of last week, there are 8 new skins for you to use. We have categorized them into modern, classic, community and enterprise so there should be something for everyone's needs. You can also mix and match components of different skins and design your own ones with existing elements. Create your own menus, settings buttons and stickers in no time.

How do I edit these skins?

You can find the new skins inside your 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO skin library. This means you can either choose one in the first pop-up window upon starting a project or go to the "Skin" tab and click the button on the left upper corner that says "Open Skin Library":

image (31)

Once you chose a skin, you can simply select a component inside the blue editor and start making the changes of text, color or layout you want.


For a reminder on how to edit our different skin components, have a look at our video tutorial:

We hope you enjoy these new templates. Feel free to send us your versions to We'd love to see them!

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