The Google Street View Publisher has been moved from the beta version to our official Virtual Tour PRO. And as requested by so many of you, it allows you to link your GSV tours to a business form inside the software, as well 😉

These are some of the other new features and updates: 

GSV Update

24/04/2019 – 2019.1.1

* Added Google Street View publish option.
* Added new "History" action. You can go back/forward in the user history.
* Added "0" value as "endless" in the "Stop & Go Sequence" for Waypoints.
* Added ToolTip for Video Hotspots.
* Added Edit Style for Web Frame component. Now you can change the background color or the opacity.
* Added automatic extraction Google Maps embed url in the Web Frame component if you put the iframe code or the non-embed url.
* Fixed an issue with the "Stop Background Music when it plays" option in the "Open Popup Video (VR)" action.
* Fixed some minor issues.

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