Virtual tours can present an actual physical space by means of 360º photos or a fictional, non-existing space by means of computer generated 360º images. This allows us to equally present spaces that already exist and spaces that are planned, about to be built or hypothetical.

Virtual Tour based on computer generated images

Say you're an architect and you design your projects using a 3D CAD program, such as SketchUp, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D or Revit. Usually, you'd then render the scene to create a life-like "photograph" of a pretty corner of your 3D modeled scene. Instead of rendering "just" a photo, why not render a 360º photo (=panorama)? Import that panorama together with the panoramas from other rooms into VT PRO, link them and allow your audience to move around freely in your hypothetical 3D model (and yes, we know we forgot to put a door):


CAD Virtual Tour:

P.s. CAD-based tours can easily be made stereoscopic, which means that -when seen with a device such as VR headset- the tour will be 360º and 3D. Just tick the corresponding setting when rendering your panorama! For more info, visit our post on 360º and true 3D vision.


Virtual Tour based on photos

Selling a house, renting your apartment, advertising your restaurant, increasing bookings for your hotels, documenting construction… the applications and use cases are endless here and the creation of virtual tours from real photography has become so easy in the past years (dedicated 360º cameras) that there is no excuse fornot taking advantage of them:

  • Virtual Tours make your listings stand out from others, raise your profile as an agent and provide a consistent, polished and professional image.
  • Listings on receive 87% more views if they include a virtual tour. ( 2007).
  • Virtual tours sell and acquire listings! 80% of consumers search for information online before making any move (Rockpoint Marketing 2008). Buyers are using the internet to preview homes. Potential sellers seek out highly visible real estate professionals that leave the best impression and do the most to generate sales leads.
  • Hotels with a Virtual Tours ont heir website achieve 135% increase in online revenue over those without (Study by Carlson Hotels Worldwide, 08/12/2008)
  • Virtual Tours increase web visitor retention from an average 2-3 minutes to 20+ minutes.


Photo Virtual Tour:

P.s. Photo-based virtual tours can also be seen stereoscopic (on top of 360º, also with 3D vision). For that you need a special stereoscopic camera, such as the Insta360 PRO. For more info, visit our post on 360º and true 3D vision.

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