You may have noticed that, when opening your virtual tours on an iPhone or iPad, the tours don't behave as they used to. Before, you could physically turn and rotate the phone to look around. Now, the screen is fix and you need to use your finger to move around. That is because Apple decided to disable the gyroscope function (Why, Apple, why?).

But here's how you can fix that

One of Safari's last updates  prevents motion and orientation access unless the feature is MANUALLY enabled (you only need to do this once, though).

The feature can be found on your iPhone or iPad, in Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Motion & Orientation Access, and it’s disabled by default. That means that whenever a user visits a website that normally uses the device’s gyroscope or accelerometer to display interactive web pages, they will be presented with a static image instead.

Well, enable this feature, and your tours will be back to normal!

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