We have opened our beta line for 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO to the public. Others limit their circle of beta users to a small elite group, but we've decided to open this line to anyone who wants to keep right at the forefront of progress.

In other words, we are publicly launching a parallel program line which will carry the latest and most innovative functions to be implemented in the official VT PRO version at a later point. You can download and use this VT PRO beta line parallel to your normal VT PRO version: It's a separate program for download but works with your standard license (or as a trial, of course). This way you can test and use cutting-edge technology before anyone else without touching your official VT PRO version at all.

So if you want to be among the first to see what's new and actually apply it to your virtual tours, then click on one of the links below to download the VT PRO beta version.

Our beta versions are stable, but new functions may contain minor bugs, so if you manage to come across one of them, please do report them («Help» — «Report Bug») so we can fix them as quickly as possible.

32 bits -> Click here
64 bits -> Click 

Mac: Click here

And yes, as you may be able to tell from this as well, we have also just released a 64 bit version of our software, but that makes for another post tomorrow 😉

What exactly is new?

This article announces the general line of VT PRO beta, so everytime we have new functions, there will be an update to the beta (just like to the normal VT PRO software, but earlier). You can think of it as a VT PRO of the future. This first beta version will have the following new (and highly requested) features:

  • Windows: The application now supports 64 bits native version.
  • Added Undo/Redo actions in the new «Edit» menu (beta).
  • Added Stereoscopic Panorama with side-by-side equirectangular format.
  • Added «Caps» for 360º Video.
  • Added «Loop» option for Video.
  • Added «Execute Javascript» action. You can now add custom Javascript code for external services, complex behaviours or interaction with the 3DVista Player API.
  • Added «Show Control Slide» option in Video and 360º Video.
  • Added a time option in the «Video/360º Video» action to play the video from a different time from startup.
  • Added «Open New Video at the current video time» option in the «Video/360 Video» action.
  • Added 3D transition effect between 360º Video and Panoramas if they are mutually connected with hotspots.
  • Added several «Open Media» actions in Panorama/360º Video Caps.
  • Added «On Show» and «On Hide» events for hotspots in 360º Video.
  • The action list shows the media affected in «Open Media» actions.
  • Support for relative URL in the «Open URL» action.
  • Support for the pose information from the panoramas to straighten the horizon. It is useful if you use single shoot cameras with gyroscope.
  • Support several shortcut keys. New shortcut keys will come in future versions.
    • Quit: Ctrl+Q
    • Save: Ctrl+S
    • Save As: Ctrl+May+S
    • New Project: Ctrl+N
    • Undo: Ctrl+Z
    • Redo: Ctrl+Shift+Z o Ctrl+Y
    • Change main Tab: Ctrl+NUMBER
    • Move skin elements: Cursors
    • Move skin elements by offset: Shift+Cursors
  • Support to open a Video or 360º Video in a time determined with the «Video/360 Video» action.
  • Highly improved the export time for Panoramas.
  • Fix Windows 10: The initial splash wasn't centered if Windows had zoom applied.
  • Fix: An error occurred when you imported a Panorama from the Stitcher without a project opened.
  • Other minor issues.

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