Probably one of the biggest updates to date. Here's everything that's new in your 3DVista VT PRO:

  • Windows: The application now supports 64 bits native version. This takes advantage of the full performance capacity of today's hardware allowing the program to run various processes in parallel, which notably speeds them up. IMPORTANT: It requires 2 updates with the official version to get the 64 bits version installed in your system.
  • Added Undo/Redo actions in the new «Edit» menu (only in the Beta version). More information in our Blog post on VT PRO beta.
  • Added Stereoscopic Panorama with side-by-side equirectangular format.
  • Added «Caps» for 360 Video.
  • Added «Loop» option for Video.
  • Added «Execute Javascript» action. Now you can add custom Javascript code for external services, complex behaviours or interaction with the 3DVista Player API.
  • Added «Show Control Slide» option in Video and 360 Video to show or hide the playback bar (jump to sections in the video).
  • Added a time option in the «Open Video/360 Video» hotspot action, which allows calling a video that'll start at the exact determined time (different than starting from startup).
  • Added «Open New Video at the current video time» option in the «Video/360 Video» action. Upon click on the hotspot, this will open a second video which will start at the exact same minute as the current first video when it was left.
  • Added 3D transition effect between 360 Video and Panoramas if they are mutually connected with hotspots.
  • Added several «Open Media» actions in Panorama/360 Video Caps.
  • Added «On Show» and «On Hide» events for hotspots in 360 Video.
  • Added «See Release Notes» in Help menu.
  • The action list shows the media affected in «Open Popup Media» actions.
  • Support for relative URL in the «Open URL» action.
  • Support for the pose information from the panoramas to straighten the horizon. This is useful if you use one-shot cameras with gyroscope.
  • Support several shortcut keys. New shortcut keys will come in future versions.
    • Quit: Ctrl+Q
    • Save: Ctrl+S
    • Save As: Ctrl+May+S
    • New Project: Ctrl+N
    • Undo: Ctrl+Z
    • Redo: Ctrl+Shift+Z o Ctrl+Y
    • Change main Tab: Ctrl+NUMBER
    • Move skin elements: Cursors
    • Move skin elements by offset: Shift+Cursors
  • Highly improved exporting time for Panoramas.
  • Fix Windows 10: The initial splash wasn't centered if Windows had zoom applied.
  • Fix: An error occurred when importing a Panorama from the Stitcher without a project opened (reported by krisphantom).
  • Fix: The PDF files didn't work in the Autoexecutable or the Tour Viewer (reported by Terry and Mike).
  • Other minor issues.

Detailed articles and use cases will follow.


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