If you could change just one thing about your company that would increase employee productivity by over 200%¹, would you do it? Yes, of course, you would!

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But you’re probably thinking that, in order to have that kind of impact, such a change would be extremely complicated and costly, right? You would be mistaken. It turns out, all you need to do is more of what you’re already doing: training and developing your employees. 

So, what's the deal then? Where does the potential lay?

It's not only about the amount of training you offer. It's about its quality and how you manage to make that content stick. How you make it transferrable and applicable to your employees' actual activities. Uninspiring content is the number one barrier to learning.

According to a 24×7 learning survey, only 12% learners implement what they learn from training that they receive on their jobs. This shows that the training programs are not designed with a practical approach in mind.²

The best way to making it easier for your employees to apply what they learned is to make it as proactive and real as possible. Luckily, there's a a technology called Virtual Reality which allows us to immerse our learners into custom situations, while keeping costs under control. VR solves several of the problems that so far inhibit taking full advantage of corporate training:

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  • VR is interesting. Its gamification factor keeps the learner's attention and engagement high, resulting in better learning.
  • VR experiences immerse the learner into his actual working place. This facilitates transfer of what's learnt onto the real activity.
  • VR is highly scalable while being customizable. Where with instructor-led training, costs increase exponentially when growing your scenarios and applications, with VR you can adapt and apply the content to be learnt to your audience's work field with ease.

VR makes your learning experiences more practical, more realistic and more interesting -three factors that heavily influence the return you will get on your training activities. Increased attention and realism make it easier to transfer what's learnt onto the real-life activities that your learners do in your company.

Sweet side effects

Effective training not only makes your employees more skilled and productive, it also makes them happy! Employee satisfaction grows with the number of trainings they are exposed to. A survey revealed that 70% of employees say that job-related training and development directly influences the employee’s decision to stay with a company or not. 53% of HR professionals consider retaining top talent their top priority.²

PwC estimates the cost of losing an employee in the first year to be up to three times the person's salary.² So, make sure that them sticking around is a priority!

Ineffective trainings make businesses lose $13.5 million each year for every 1000 employees². That’s a lot of money, right. In order to save some of these resources from flushing down the drain, it is important to ensure the effectiveness of corporate training.

VR is key to delivering holistic, hands-on training experiences that make it easier for employees to understand and implement the knowledge gained through corporate training. It's your ticket to making sure your investment in knowledge pays off.

Allowing the simulation of both CAD-based hypothetic and photography-based real-life environments, 3DVista software is used for VR training by the Army, Police and Government, NGOs, Universities and companies for their production and management workforce alike.


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